THK Linear Bearing

As a substitute for plain bearings, linear bearings have a high speed and a simple structure, and the friction coefficient is much smaller than that of ordinary bearings. In addition, its high precision, flexible and stable operation, for these reasons, linear bearings are also widely used in aerospace, machine tools, machinery, robots, automation equipment, medical equipment and so on.

Linear bearing adjustable housing and bearing cutting direction ensure uniform clearance. The structural characteristics of linear bearing are that it cannot rotate. General linear bearings can be divided into standard linear bearings, gap adjustment linear bearings, open linear bearings, extended linear bearings and general-purpose linear bearings.

Linear bearings are generally coated with anti-rust oil, which is also required to add lubricant. The noise of grease lubrication is relatively low, and when the working environment temperature is low, low viscosity oil is used. High working oils use high viscosity oils. When the linear bearing is in working condition, the impact force is more difficult to measure. Usually, the appropriate static load safety system is used to ensure that the static load of the bearing does not exceed the basic rated load.

The rated life of linear bearings is also relatively high and is guaranteed by limiting the basic load rating. Since the life of linear bearings is dispersive, the general life of bearings under the same conditions is not all the same.


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