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Why to Choose LILY Bearing

Environmental Policy

We put the utmost effort into conserving the environment and being aware of the environmental issues that affect us and our planet, now and for future generations. Our goal is to continually improve our environmental performance and reduce and prevent environmental pollution to air and water.

In order to achieve this, we have set the following goals:

We recognize the importance of environmental conservation and implement our production activities while taking its environmental impact into consideration.

Try to reduce transport distance.

Have agreements with certified forwarders.

Work mostly with suppliers that are ISO-14001-certified.

Re-use packing materials and recycle as much as possible.

Provide customers with REACH / RoHS-certificates

Quality System Certification

LILY Bearing is Certified For Every Quality-Related Challenge!


Corporate Culture


To become a healthier, longer-lasting corporation

Core Values

BENFEN, Integrity, Team Spirit, Superior Quality, Constant Learning, Innovation, Customers Orientation

What is BENFEN?

“本分” BENFEN is difficult to translate it perfectly in English, but it essentially means to adhere firmly to one’s own duties and principles. There are several layers of meaning here:

Be honest and trustworthy:
  ● Discharge our own duties and responsibilities regardless of others’ conduct
  ● Insulate our minds from outside pressures so we can focus on the very simple basics of what we should be doing
  ● Never take advantage of others even when we are in a position to do so
  ● Self-reflect and take responsibilities when problems arise instead of blaming others.

Specifically for LILY Bearing, the management’s 本分 (BENFEN) is to relentlessly focus on creating value for our customers.


To Customers: Provide quality products and superior service
To Employees: Create and maintain a harmonious, respectful work environment
To Business Partners: Create a fair, equal cooperative platform with mutual benefits