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HIP Silicon Nitride Balls

Size range: Dia 1mm~12.7mm
Precision level: G3-G5
Application: Optical industry, medical, robotic, bearing application.

HIP Silicon Nitride Ball

Hot isostatic pressing (HIP) is a manufacturing process, used to reduce the porosity of metals and increase the density of many ceramic materials. This improves the material's mechanical properties and work-ability.

The HIP process subjects a component to both elevated temperature and isostatic gas pressure in a high pressure containment vessel. The pressurizing gas most widely used is argon. An inert gas is used, so that the material does not chemically react. The chamber is heated, causing the pressure inside the vessel to increase. Many systems use associated gas pumping to achieve the necessary pressure level. Pressure is applied to the material from all directions (hence the term "isostatic").

HIP balls have the following advantages:

  • 1. Higher densification. Surface or interior defects, especially the porosity can be eradicated to achieve better sealing effect.
  • 2. Higher toughness. Ceramic material has a feature of brittleness. When shocked fiercely, the higher the toughness is, the less cracks and defects will occur. Higher toughness can avoid destructive failure.
  • 3. Higher compressive strength.