LILY® Bearing provides a great number of high-quality precision bearings at affordable prices. Our goal is to share our core values —— superior quality, integrity, and a customer-first approach — with every person and business we work with.

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A Top Bearing Manufacturer Based in China

LILY® Bearing produces over 60,000 types of bearings — from 1.5mm I.D. to 4,000mm O.D. — at a rate of 50 million bearings per year. As a reliable bearing manufacturer, we take great pride in our high-quality products and top-notch technical support for your applications.

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Industries We Serve

Bearings For Medical Industry

Our use of stainless steel protects our bearing against rust, making it the best option for medical uses. In some cases, silicon nitride ceramic is also used for our high-end bearing products. As a meticulous bearing manufacturer, we provide bearings with Grade ABEC5 through grade ABEC7.


Food & Beverage Grade Bearings

Food and beverage processors are designed to be safer, healthier, and more hygienic than standard processors. As an experienced bearing manufacturer, LILY® Bearing provides a variety of bearings with different styles and materials to ensure the related equipment can withstand the extreme conditions and specific government requirements necessary for food production.


Robotics Bearings

Robotics bearings rely on high precision with good rotational accuracy and reliability. As a distinguished bearing manufacturer, LILY® Bearing can find the right bearing solution for you. Whether you are looking for a robotic arm base bearing solution, or an articulated robotic arm bearing solution, we have what you need.


High Temperature Bearings

LILY® Bearing provides high temperature bearings and bearing units, which are designed to deliver increased reliability, reduced complexity, and reduced environmental impact in operating temperatures up to 1100 °C (2000 °F).


Automotive Bearings

The Automotive OEMs produce millions of vehicles per year worldwide. Each of these vehicles has multiple internal components that use bearings for efficient motion. LILY® Bearing has a skilled automotive engineering team that has a wealth of experience of working with top OE manufacturers. Our team can work with you efficiently to determine the optimal bearing solution for your application.


Celebrating Every Turn of Success

At LILY Bearing, our solutions are more than just components — they are the driving force behind industry progression. Whether it's elevating production capabilities at Tesla's Gigafactory or crafting tailored solutions for myriad industries, our commitment remains steadfast: to optimize, enhance, and extend machinery performance across the board.

Below is one of our favorite success stories.

Supercharging Efficiency at Tesla's Gigafactory with LILY Bearing

"We're honored to have collaborated with Tesla, ensuring their manufacturing processes run seamlessly. It's our goal to always provide tailored, efficient bearing solutions to our partners."
- Jenna, Customer Service Lead



LILY® Bearing offers a wide range of services:

We are certified to meet the international standards of ISO9001, ROHS, and PED4.3. We provide high-quality services to fulfill the critical need for various industrial applications.