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Deep Groove Ball Bearings

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Deep Groove Ball Bearings, known for their versatility and efficiency, are extensively used in the industry. They support both radial and axial loads and are renowned for their durability and reliability. Our premium deep groove ball bearings serve as ideal replacements for well-known brands including SKFTimkenNTNNSKMcMaster-Carr and FAG. For bearings with ID < 10mm, Please go to the miniature bearing list.


Design and Structure

  • Basic Design: Deep groove ball bearings consist of an inner and outer ring, a set of balls, and a cage that holds the balls in place. The deep groove in both the inner and outer rings allows the bearing to support both radial and axial loads.
  • Ball and Cage Assembly: The balls are typically made of steel and are evenly spaced by the cage, which can be made from various materials like steel or polyamide, based on the application's needs.


Features of Deep Groove Ball Bearings

  • Versatility: Effective in handling both radial and axial loads across various applications.
  • High-Speed Capability: Suitable for high-speed operations due to low friction.
  • Durability: Renowned for longevity and reliability in diverse operating conditions.
  • Low Maintenance: Require minimal upkeep, leading to lower operational costs.
  • Efficiency: Low friction design contributes to energy efficiency and smoother operation.


Types of Deep Groove Ball Bearings

  • Single Row Deep Groove Ball Bearings: These bearings are optimal for high-speed, low-friction applications with stringent noise control, efficient sealing, and no compromise on performance or durability. They offer an economical choice for bearing designs.
  • Stainless Steel Deep Groove Ball Bearings: They offer superior corrosion resistance and durability, ideal for harsh environments and applications requiring cleanliness, such as food processing and medical equipment.
  • Flanged Ball Bearings: They feature an integrated flange for easy mounting, making them ideal for precise positioning in applications where axial movement needs to be minimized.
  • Single Row Deep Groove Ball Bearings With Filling Slots: They have a unique design that includes slots in both the inner and outer rings, allowing for more balls and thus higher radial load capacity.
  • Snap Ring Groove Ball Bearing: Featuring a groove for a snap ring on the outer ring, they offer easy mounting and stable axial positioning, ideal for applications requiring secure fixation.
  • Double Row Deep Groove Ball Bearings: They are ideal when higher load capacity is needed than single row bearings can provide, especially in limited radial and axial spaces, and for supporting both axial loads and tilting moments.


Applications of Deep Groove Ball Bearings

Deep Groove Ball Bearings are used in applications, such as: 

  • Automotive Industry: Used in gearboxes, clutches, and wheels due to their load capacity and durability.
  • Electric Motors: Ideal for high-speed motor applications owing to their efficiency and low noise.
  • Industrial Machinery: Common in conveyor systems, pumps, and fans for their versatility and reliability.
  • Consumer Electronics: Utilized in household appliances like washing machines and dryers for their smooth operation.
  • Aerospace Sector: Applied in various aerospace components for their ability to withstand high speeds and loads.