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Miniature Bearing

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Miniature bearings perform in every day applications, as well as the most demanding environments, including high/low temperatures, cryogenic, vacuum, corrosive and high speed. We offer factory-authorized re-lubrication with custom & specialty lubricants, ensuring easy interchange to all major brands, such as NMB.


What Is a Miniature Bearing?

Miniature bearings are deep groove ball bearings in small. They range in size from .1181 to 1.000 inch OD (1 to 26mm) and are available in inch and metric sizes, stainless steel or chrome steel. Also available flanged, open, sealed or shielded, depending on your application. 


Features of Miniature Ball Bearings

  • Compact Design
  • High Precision: ABEC-1 to ABEC-9
  • Low Friction
  • Durability
  • Capable of handling both axial and radial loads


Versions of Small Bearings

Miniature & Small ball bearings can be divided into the following classes depending on their design details:

  • Standard type: They can handle axial and radial loads, with precisely finished circular arc raceways that ensure low friction, noise, and vibration.
  • Flanged outer ring: The flange on the outer ring enhances running accuracy and allows for a simple cylindrical bore, simplifying machining and reducing time.
  • Extended inner ring: The inner ring's 1/32 inch extra width over the outer ring eliminates the need for projections on adjacent parts, simplifying design and fabrication around the bearing.
  • Flanged outer ring & Extended inner ring: These miniature bearings have an extended inner ring for better mounting and load distribution, and an integrated flange for precise alignment and easy installation, ideal for compact designs. 
  • Miniature Thrust Bearings: They consist of two washers and a ball set for effective load support, making them essential in applications requiring precise axial load management in limited spaces.
  • Full Complement: They are designed without a cage, allowing more balls to be included, ideal for applications where space is limited and high load capacity is required.


Small Sealed & Shielded Bearings

Miniature & Small ball bearings typically come with shields or seals and pre-packed lubricant, simplifying structure and installation. This design eliminates the need for re-lubrication, reducing maintenance costs. There are three types of such bearings:

  • shielded bearings (ZZ1 (Z1), ZZ(Z)): They are protected by a shield plate of pressed steel. The shields can be made of either low carbon steel or stainless steel.
  • contact sealed bearings (DD(D)): They have superior sealing effectiveness compared to shielded bearings
  • non-contact sealed bearings (VV(V)): Effective sealing is achieved by a labyrinth formed between its bore and the seal groove in the inner ring.


Common Materials of Small Ball Bearings

  • Chrome Steel: Popular due to its durability and high load-carrying capacity.
  • Stainless Steel: Commonly used for its corrosion resistance and strength, suitable for various applications.
  • Ceramic: Known for low friction, high stiffness, and resistance to wear and temperature extremes.


Other Attributes of Miniature & Small bearings

  • Cages: Crown, Ribbon, Rivet
  • Noise: Performance Testing For Noise And Friction Torque Specifications Available.
  • Temperatures: Chrome steel miniature bearings handle up to 120°C constant and 150°C peak temperatures. For higher temperatures, specialized bearings with specific treatments and greases are available.
  • Internal Clearance: This clearance, including radial axial clearance, significantly affects factors like noise, vibration, heat, and fatigue life during operation.


Applications of Miniature & Small bearings

Miniature precision bearings are used in applications, such as:


Flow Meters

Medical Instruments

Vacuum Pumps 

Robotics Industry


Food & Beverage Industry

Automation & Industry


ATMs & Card Readers


Gas Meters

Plastic Card Printers

Surveillance Systems

Fuel controls

Gyros, synchros and servos

Cryogenic coolers

Pulmonary assist devices



Drones and model

Fishing reel

Industrial Encoders

Industrial Meters


Consult our Miniature Bearing Cross Reference Charts to effortlessly identify the most suitable bearing options for your unique applications.