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NMB Bearings

NMB bearings are an essential component in a wide range of machinery from medical equipment to automation application. They support control and movement of rotating parts and are crucial in playing the role for smooth operation of industry applications. These bearings meet the needs of a diverse range of industries.

Types of NMB Bearings

NMB Bearings come in a wide range of bearing types, these include Ball bearings, Spherical bearings, Tapered bearings, and other Other specialized bearings. Using advanced manufacturing techniques and materials that ensure durability, reliability, and efficiency, NMB Bearings are made to satisfy specific needs and requirements of client applications. See our materials page for more information on bearing types and materials.

Advantages of NMB Bearings

  • Durability and reliability
  • Efficient operation
  • Wide range of applications
  • Customization options

Industries that Use NMB Bearings

  • Aerospace and defense: use NMb bearings that can provide precise control and withstand extreme conditions
  • Automotive: used to withstand high loads and provide longevity of the device and smooth operation
  • Medical equipment: use NMB bearings to ensure medical devices operate accurately and smoothly with precision and reliability that is demanded in the industry

Maintenance of NMB Bearings

To ensure longevity and performance of NMB bearings, proper lubrication and maintenance is critical. Reduce wear and friction by lubricating the bearing with the appropriate lubricant for the application. Additionally, it is important to keep the bearings clean and to handle them carefully to prevent damage. A maintenance schedule should also be established to ensure that the bearings are inspected and maintained on a regular basis.


NMB bearings are a high quality solution for a wide range of industry applications. With focus on reliability, efficiency, longevity, and durability, NMB bearings are the most effective and dependable bearing in the business. To aid you in selecting the ideal NMB Bearings for your specific applications, we offer valuable NMB Bearing Cross Reference Charts. These charts provide a comprehensive reference to help you make informed bearing selections, ensuring optimal performance in your machinery. Send us an inquiry today!