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Cross Roller Bearings

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Cross Roller Bearings

Cross Roller Bearings are a type of roller bearing with high rotation accuracy capable of bearing loads in every direction. Because it has orthogonally arranged cylindrical rollers, it can bear loads in every direction. This lets one crossed roller bearing replace more than one ball bearing, thus saving the space required by ball bearings, lowering the associated material costs.

3 Types of Cross Roller Bearings

  • Full-complement cross roller bearings: designed to have a high load capacity and are compact. These are typically the most commonly used type of cross roller bearings. 
  • Inner-ring split cross roller bearings: offer improved stability and reduced internal clearance. Designed for applications that require a high level of accuracy
  • Outer-ring split cross roller bearings: best for applications that require easy mounting and dismounting

The choice of cross roller bearing is dependent on the design requirements of the equipment and and the specific application.

Applications of Cross Roller Bearings

Cross roller bearings can be found in a variety of applications, including:

  • Precision equipment: provide accurate measurement for applications with high rotary tables and coordinate measuring machines.
  • Aerospace and defense: for applications such as weapon systems and aircraft engines that operate at high speeds
  • Robotics and automation: provide smooth and precise motion control for applications needing support in the rotational movement of robots
  • Machine tools: used to support rotational movement of cutting tools such as grinding machines and turning centers
  • Medical equipment: provide smooth and accurate movement in imaging components of medical equipment such as MRI machines and CT scanners

Advantages of Cross Roller Bearings

Key benefits of cross roller bearings:

  • High load capacity: cross roller bearings are designed to heavy loads in compact spaces 
  • Unique Design: rollers arranged perpendicular to the axis of rotation which ensures smooth and precise operation through rigidity and accuracy
  • Durability: highly durable and built to last minimizing downtime and maintenance costs

Maintenance and Lubrication of Cross Roller Bearings

To ensure longevity and performance of cross roller bearings, proper lubrication and maintenance is critical. Reduce wear and friction by lubricating the bearing with the appropriate lubricant for the application. Additionally, it is important to keep the bearings clean and to handle them carefully to prevent damage. A maintenance schedule should also be established to ensure that the bearings are inspected and maintained on a regular basis.


Cross roller bearings have high versatility and effectiveness for many applications. Proper maintenance of cross roller bearings is critical to the longevity and durability of the tool.