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LILY High Rigidity Cross Roller Bearing CRBTF series(with Mounting Holed)
Mounting Holed Type Super Slim Crossed Roller Bearings CRBTF is a compact and light weight bearings which mounting holes are prepared on both inner and outer ring of Super Slim Type Crossed Roller Bearings with the ultra-slim 5mm bearing width to make mounting to equipment easier.
CRBTF series Crossed Roller Bearing Features
1.We achieved the ultra-slim 5mm bearing width by LILY technology of miniature bearings production, and this bearing contributes to make equipments more compact.
2. Complicated mounting structures are not necessary thanks to the mounting holes provided to both inner and outer rings which make it possible to mount directly to the mounting surface without a housing or a pressure plate.
CRBTF CRBTF With mounting holes , It is an extremely compact and lightweight bearing.