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Bearings For Medical Industry

LILY® bearing is a leading supplier of precision bearings to the medical device market. Ceramic, hybrid, miniature and thin section precision bearings have featured in cutting-edge medical and pharmaceutical machinery for many years; our team of engineering experts has an in-depth knowledge of the needs of OEMs, and we support each solution with rigorous standards and highly responsive customer service.

Product Catalog:

Check our online product catalog,with complete product data and CAD drawings available for download!

  • Characteristics:

    1. ●Superior material selection, including highly corrosion-resistant steels and cages manufactured from reinforced Phenolic or high performance plastics (eg. Torlon® or PEEK).

      ●Ceramic balls for increased speed with less wear.

      ●Application specific lubricants, including food-grade.

      ●Low noise and vibration levels to minimise patient discomfort.

      ●A range of sealing options to ensure protection from debris ingress.

      ●A flexible design approach, allowing for compactness, a light weight and integrated features where required.

      ●Resistance to repeated sterilisation and chemical treatments.

      ●Assembly, tested and packaged in Class 7 clean room.

      ●ABEC 5 & 7 precision grades.

  • Applications And Customers
  • Medical equipment may need quality bearing supplies to operate effectively, but not all devices and tools have the same requirements. LILY® bearing supplies medical companies with different types of bearings to meet the needs of their healthcare applications. These applications include:

      ●Dental Equipment

      ●Medical Diagnostics Equipment

      ●Luggage Security Scanners

      ●Robotic Surgery Devices

      ●Oncology treatment machines

      ●Surgical Devices

      ●Blood Analyzers

      ●Blood Processors

      ●CAT Scanners

      ●Medication Dispensing Devices

      ●Automated Physical Fitness


      ●Pharmaceutical Automation

      ●Optical Equipment

      ●Optical Gauging

      ●Laboratory Equipment