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A shaft is a metal rod that has undergone turning, grinding, and polishing processes to achieve precise diameter and straightness tolerances. This level of accuracy makes it suitable for a variety of applications, such as powering high-torque hydraulic pumps, transmitting high speeds in industrial centrifuges, and positioning components in automated pick-and-place machines. By maintaining uniform load distribution, minimizing vibration, and enhancing accuracy and stability, these tight tolerances play a critical role in the performance and reliability of these machines.
Shafts work with gears, sprockets, and bearings to transmit rotary motion. Commonly known as drive shafts, rotary shafts are generally not hardened, which makes them easier to machine to fit mating components. All precision shafts materials are through-hardened, except carbon steel.
Lily-manufactures precision shafts according to your specifications, with length and diameter tolerances depending upon the size and end configuration.
  • Size Ranges
    1. ● Diameter:04" to 2.000" (1mm to 50.8mm)
      ● Length:.125" to 8.000" (3.175mm to 203.2mm)

  • Standard Materials
    1. ● Carbon steel
      ● Chrome steel
      ● Stainless steel(304, 316, 440C)
      ● Ceramic(Silicon Nitride, Zirconia,Silicon Carbide, Alumina)

  • End type
    1. ● Straight; Keyed,D-Profile; Splined; With Retaining Ring Grooves; Step Down; Threaded;Hollow.

  • Application
    1. ● Gear, Casing, Motor

  • Coating and plating available
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