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The pins now we produce are Pivot Pins, Dowel Pins and Knurled Pins.
Pivot Pins: Pivot pins refer to pins that have a special end configuration (e.g spherical end) that allows this feature to be used as a cam profile, such as a detent pin.Pivot Point has diverse manufacturing capabilities that include cold heading, screw machining, high-speed drilling, CNC/Swiss-turning, ball detenting, milling, bending, secondary operations and more.
Dowel Pins: Precision dowel pins are traditionally used to hold two or more parts together in a fixed alignment relying on the tightness of fit to stay in place. Dowels are solid pins, usually precision ground to narrow limits to permit accurate fitting.
Knurled Pins: Knurled Pins are used in a variety of applications in the screw machine, fastener, plastics and automotive industries. Knurling is most commonly used for serrating surfaces where component parts must lock together in unit assemblies. Knurled Pins are similar to grooved pins that have serrations around the diameter. However, knurled pins feature many more serrations. They are press fit fasteners that, when compressed into a hole, extrude radial forces to hold the fastener in place.
  • Size Ranges
    1. ● Diameter:.031" to 1.000" (.787mm to 25.4mm)
      ● Length:.125" to 3.000" (3.17mm to 76.2mm)

  • Standard Materials
    1. ● Carbon steel
      ● Chrome steel
      ● Stainless steel(304, 316, 440C)
      ● Ceramic(Silicon Nitride, Zirconia,Silicon Carbide, Alumina)

  • Application
    1. ● Pivot Pins:Toggle switches,Locking devices
      ● Dowel Pins:Universal joints,Constant velocity joints,Roller clutches,Cam rollers,Rocker arms
      ● Knurled Pins:Screw machine, fastener, plastics and automotive industries

  • Coating and plating available
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