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Polyurethane Coated Cam Followers/Track Rollers

The cam follower coated with Polyurethane material has a certain degree of elasticity. When used as a conveying roller, the elastic sleeve can protect the components in contact with the sleeve during high-speed rotation, especially suitable for transporting some easily damaged components (Such as semiconductors, liquid crystal screen devices); and Polyurethane materials are more corrosion-resistant and wear-resistant than metals. When used as guide rollers instead of bearings, Polyurethane materials are more wear-resistant than metal materials. Lifespan is also longer. When the mating side is a curved surface, the contact friction between the surface of the resin material and the curved surface is greater, so that the cam follower can swing relative to the curved surface more stably without slipping. For example, nylon and polyurethane materials, compared with traditional resin materials, sleeves made of nylon and polyurethane materials have greatly improved hardness on the basis of retaining the original elasticity and wear resistance, so that they can be used to a certain extent. It replaces the traditional all-metal cam follower for higher precision work.

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  • Lily Bearing has greatly improved the performance of the Cam Follower coted bearing

    1. 1.Change the traditional processing method, and solve the problem that the outer ring of the coated is easy to fall off under the condition of heavy load, partial load and high speed.

      2.The test results of the multi-angle load running simulation have improved the degumming performance by more than 7 times compared with the other normal products

  • specifications configuration
    1. ●Bearing Material: Chrome Steel, Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel

      ●Coated Material: POM,PA66,TPU,TPE

      ●Hardness: 65A-95A

      ●Specification: Can be Customized according to the requirements of product applications