Skateboard Bearings

As a professional best skateboard bearings manufacturer from china, we have two major advantages compared to other industrial counterparts. First, our skateboard bearings price is lower since we are the producer and we hope to expand sales through low profits and quickly gain more market share. Second, we can create custom bearings according to customers` requirements, including printing the client`s logo on the bearing shield and making customized packaging and non-standard sizes etc. You can learn more about us through the following content.

Skateboard Bearings Size

Generally in the skateboard industry, 608zz (8x22x7mm) is the most popular and most widely used bearing. A vast majority of customers will choose this specification, while some may use other sizes as well,include 6900zz(10x22x6mm), 627zz(7x22x7mm), 688zz(8x16x5mm).


Levels of our skate bearings include ABEC-1, ABEC-3, ABEC-5, ABEC-7 and ABEC-9, ABEC-11. ABEC-7 is the most favorable due to the highest abec performance price ratio, with relatively low price and excellent quality

Shield / Seals

There are 2 types of Seals for the skateboard longboard bearing, Metal Shield, Rubber Seals. Customers can choose from a variety of colors and almost all the colors are available for the customers to choose. In addition, we can print the specified words on the Seals according to the customer’s request.


We have two kinds of retainers, the stainless-steel retainer and the nylon retainer.

Materials of Ball and Ring

Chrome steel is the commonest material for skateboard bearing, other high quality materials such as blackened chrome steel , golden coating chrome steel, stainless steel, ceramic and so on are also your better choices.


Two kinds of lubrication: grease and oil.

The advantage of grease lubrication: better protecting the bearing; extending the using life of the bearing.

The advantage of oil lubrication: making the bearing prompt rotation, but the noise would be louder than grease lubrication.

Fitting Parts and Special Bearings

Besides the standard skateboard bearing, we also provide some fitting parts and special longboard bearings.


Standard packaging will be applied if theres no special requirement from the client. And we can also satisfy various requirements, like, if the client wants the logo shown on the package or some other special packages, etc.

We also have years of experience and a wealth of experience in skateboard bearings to meet the most demanding skateboard bearing requirements and specifications. The use environment of the skateboard bearing is mainly based on the outdoor. After the skateboard bounces, the huge impact force on the skateboard bearing, as well as the lateral torque brought by the side slip, also makes the requirements for the production of the skateboard bearing very high. Our lily is also a manufacturer of skateboard bearings with advanced productivity.

The torque of the skateboard bearing will involve the rotation of the bearing from a standstill and the size required to keep it running. For skateboard bearings, the number of starting and running torques can be affected by many factors, such as inner shaft steel rings, balls, cages, outer steel rings, etc., which are the factors that affect it.

The ABEC rating is also a data standard for skateboard bearings. ABEC includes 1, 3, 5, 7, and 9. The larger the number, the smaller the allowable tolerance and the higher the accuracy of the bearing. Because the speed required for the skateboard bearing is 4,700 rpm, in actual use, it is below 2000 rpm, so the high precision of the skateboard bearing, generally ABEC-5 can be.

The rubber ring on the outside of the skateboard bearing will help protect the inside of the bearing so that dust and debris can not affect the operation of the bearing. Because when it is sealed with an iron cover, it will fall off after being sunken, and the speed of the sliding bearing will directly affect the speed of the sliding bearing, so it is better to use a rubber ring. In order to make the skateboard bearing more capable of impact and load bearing, the bearing will generally choose 7 beads.

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