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Robotics Bearings

Typical industrial robotic applications include welding, painting, assembly, product inspection, and testing. As the technology has progressed, bearings in automation have demonstrated exponential improvements in endurance, speed, and precision, with more sensitive applications in medical and other high-tech sectors becoming common.

A leading producer of high-precision bearings and high-level bearing assemblies, Lily Bearing offer comprehensive engineering and technical support that includes expertise in a wide range of robotic applications.

Bearing Solutions For The Robotics Industry

Applications And Customers

Robotics applications require high quality bearings in order to operate efficiently. LILY bearing offers several bearing solutions for a variety of robotics applications, including the following:

  • Industrial
  • painting
  • welding
  • handling
  • Medical
  • robotic surgery
  • artificial limbs
  • personal robots
  • exoskeletons
  • Semiconductor manufacturing
  • wafer transfer
  • pick-and-place
  • oil and gas
  • iron roughnecks
  • Aerospace/defense
  • UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles)
  • drones
  • UGVs (unmanned ground vehicles, aka drones)