Slewing Ring Bearings

VSI200414-N Slewing Ring Bearings

LILY Interchangeable From INA
VSI200414-N Slewing Ring Bearings
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Part Number VSI200414-N
di 325 mm
Da 486 mm Tolerance: 0/-0,5
DaZT 484 mm Tolerance: -IT8
Di 415,5 mm Tolerance: +0,5/0
d0 335 mm
da 412,5 mm Tolerance: 0/-0,5
daZT 411 mm Tolerance: -IT8
H 56 mm
La 460 mm
Li 375 mm
Tooth modulus(m) 5 mm
Number of fixing holes in outer ring(na) 24
Number of fixing holes in inner ring(ni) 24
Number of teeth(z) 67
weight(w) 31 kg
Maximum permissible radial load against friction lock(Frper) 99100 N
Maximum permissible tooth force (dedendum fatigue strength) Fznorm 17700 N
Max. permissible tooth force against tooth fracture in dedendum(Fzmax) 26200 N
Basic dynamic load rating, axial(Ca) 139000 N
Basic static load rating, axial(C0a) 660000 N
Basic dynamic load rating, radial(Cr) 126000 N
Basic static load rating, radial(C0r) 300000 N
Maximum radial bearing clearance 0,3
Maximum axial tilting clearance 0,53
Taper type lubrication nipples, DIN 71412-A S8x1, spaced uniformly on circumference 4
VSI200414-N Slewing Ring Bearings

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