Loose Needle Rollers

Needle Rollers for bearings is a roller with a cylindrical roller bearings, relative to its diameter, both the thin and long rollers. this is called needle roller.despite its smaller cross-section, still has a higher load bearing capacity, therefore, especially suitable for the radial space-constrained occasions.needle pins contour surface in the proximal surface of the slight contraction. needle and raceway contact line results can be amended to avoid damaging the edge of the stress.

Super Precision Needle Rollers are designed specifically to handle large radial loads in high-speed spindle applications that demand high running accuracy (runout) of bearing-spindle arrangements.

Micro Needle Roller (Super Short)

Super Short Needle Rollers
Needle Rollersmm Cylindrical Rollersmm Dowel Pinsmm
Outside Diameter x Length
Outside Diameter x Length
Outside Diameter x Length
0.8*0.5 0.8*0.6 0.8*0.8
1.00*0.8 1.00*0.9 1.00*1.0
1.50*0.8 1.50*0.8 1.50*1.5
2.00*0.6 2.00*0.7 2.00*2.0
2.50*1.00 2.50*1.5 2.50*2.5
3.00*1.5 3.00*2.0 3.00*3.0
3.50*2.0 3.50*2.2 3.50*3.5
4.00*3.0 4.00*3.5 4.50*4.5
5.00*4.0 5.00*4.5 5.00*5.0
5.50*3.5 5.50*4.5 5.50*5.50
6.00*5.0 6.00*5.5 6.00*6.0
6.50*5.0 6.50*5.5 6.50*6.0
7.00*6.5 7.00*6.6 7.00*7.0
7.50*5.6 7.50*6.7 7.50*7.5
8.00*6.6 8.00*7.7 8.00*8.0
8.50*5.0 8.50*6.8 8.50*8.5
9.00*6.5 9.00*8.8 9.00*9.0
12.00*10.0 12.00*11.5 12.00*12.0

Needle rollers main use is as rolling elements in bearings where they are particularly useful when space is limited and a high radial load is required. They are also useful as locating pins and mini shafts.

Production Machines For Roller Elements

Instrument name Instrumentation Type Use
Metallurgical Microscope Detection of roller Needle heat treatment microstructure testing equipment accuracy measurement
Centerless grinding roller bearings, needle roller machines production equipment diameter grinding
Sorting machines detection of roller, needle roller cylindrical separation sorting equipment product separation
Hardness Testing Machines testing roller bearings, needle hardness of the heat treatment instrumentation hardness

Some specialist bearings have convex barrel shapes or concave profiles depending on the application type and conditions. pure cylindrical roller bearings cannot support any load in an axial direction. if axial support is required a separate bearing arrangement will be required.

Needle Rollers Used

Useing for pin(needle) and rollers
name Product Type Uses
cylindrical bearings G2 machine tools, metallurgy, textile, food, chemical, etc.
cylindrical roller, pillar holes roller bearing roller, etc. G2 mining,textile machinery, etc.
spherical roller, thrust roller bearings such as roller G2 cars, motors, machine tools, etc.
precision roller, needle supply G2 metallurgy, food, chemical
such high-precision flat head needle needle roller bearings supply G2 construction machinery, textile, chemical, etc.
fine needle, the supply roller G2 chemical, electrical, automobile, etc.
custom needle standard and nonstandard models G2 textile, food, metallurgy, etc.
professional manufacturer supply needle roller bearings G2 motor, engineering machinery, mining machinery, etc.
exquisite precision needle supply G2 machine tools, metallurgy, textile, food, chemical industry
with the cylindrical roller bearing, tapered roller G2 Mining Machinery

Manufacturer and supply of needle rollers

We are professional manufacture of bearing rollers and cylindrical needle rollers. we produce rollers of diameter 0.9 mm to 60 mm. the rollers could satisfy the request of DIN 5402 G2 rollers.It is widely used in auto, lathe, metallurgical, textile, printing industry & other various machinery equipment. With this kind of bearing, machine design can realize the goal of small-scale & lightweight.this kind of bearing has multiple structural styles for the choice of customers, such as narrow & broad series, with or without inner races, cages, ribs or sealings. It can be designed according to the special structural requirements of customers as well.