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Xinchang Held Bearing Industry Survey Conversazione

Release time : 2015-06-11 10:22:17
On Nov. 10th, Wen Nuan, Deputy Secretary of the CPC Committee & County Mayor of Xinchang, and Luo Guoan, the Commissioner of the CPC Committee & Deputy County Mayor of Xinchang led the principles of the related departments to make survey on Xinchang RC Bearings industry development and bring forward the definite requirements for the rebound of the bearing industry after the global financial crisis. The group led by Wen Nuan has visited the Xinchang Jintao Bearing Co., Ltd and Zhejiang Xinchang Xinzhou Industry Co., Ltd, held the Miniature Bearings industry conversazione which the principles of 11 bearing enterprises including Xinchang Bearing Industry Association, Zhejiang Continental Corporation and : Xinchang Pier Bearing Fittings Co., Ltd have participated in. During the conversazione, the president of each bearing enterprise has talked about the requirements for capital, labor and land and expressed their confidence in the rebound of bearing industry. After learned the report on the manufacturing state this year and the industry situation next year by Xinchang Bearing Industry Association and the 11 bearing enterprises, Wen Nuan has affirmed the achievements made in the Xinchang bearing industry during the global financial crisis. He pointed out that Ball Bearings industry is the local and orginal industry in Xinchang, which is significant in the stable development of Xinchang economy and society. Facing up the industrial rebound, the bearing enterprises should pay more attention on the production, management and sales, stress the cooperation with state-owned enterprises and the listed enterprises, and establish steadier supply & demand relationship; the enterprises should adjust the structure, expand the market, and nail down the direction of research; the enterprises in the country should cooperate on the brand, sales and industrial chain fittings and form the strong power in cooperation and integration.