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Wind Power Castings Of Baoji Qinchuan Group Moved Off In Europe America

Release time : 2015-06-11 11:08:09
Recently, the sales the wind power casting products of Qinchuan Group has increased successively. At present, the Ball Bearings product sales have reached the best level compared with the same period of last year; no matter the production value or the output have taken up the two thirds of all the casting products of the group. In 2008, the Wind Power Equipment Transmission Speed-up System Research Project of Qinchuan Group was listed as one of the Shaanxi Provincial No. 13115 Technology Innovation Projects. In order to move into wind power market, Qinchuan Group successfully accomplished the development and verification of the QT400-18AL and QT700-2A process with complicated structure. The surface and inner quality of the castings manufactured by the company for the 750kW~1500kW wind power equipments like wheel Miniature Bearings, pedestal and bearing housing, etc have all reached the world leading class, which filled the gap in this field in China. Since this year, the casting iron of high brand number which have been manufactured steadily in large scale like HT250, HT300, HT350, QT400-18AL, and QT700-2A, etc. were moved off and the company became the provider of the wind power enterprises in U.S., Spain and Japan, etc. In May this year, the foundation ceremony of Large Special Precision Castings Development & Manufacturing Projectwas held; the company has invested 380 million RMB in the project. The project will adopt the intermediate frequency induction electric furnace in fusion, resin bonded sand molding manufacturing in core shooting and the shot blast cleaning, etc. which is predicted to be completed in 2011. After the project is put on stream, it will form the capacity of producing 80,000 tons of various precision castings and High Speed Bearings achieve the annual sale of 1000 million RMB, which can solve the bottleneck problem in the basic components needed in the development of the wind power speed increasing gear box below 5 megawatt and the precision medium and large CNC machine tools in China.