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Where To Buy High Temperature Roller Bearings For Your Application

Release time : 2015-06-10 11:45:01    
By Bearing Manufacturer>Bearing News>Where to Buy High Temperature Roller Bearings for Your Application ?2004-2012 High temperature Spherical roller bearings are dedicated to extremely severe applications and must support high loads, severe misalignment, contaminated environments, shocks, and vibrations. And with the industry's highest load rating and production coming from a factory near you, there's no reason to look anywhere else for spherical roller bearings. Lily spherical roller bearings meet the needs of various equipments for components with reduced maintenance costs and unsurpassed functionality. By taking full advantage of NSK's wealth of experience and expertise, Lily spherical roller bearings realize unprecedented endurance and high limiting speeds to support downsizing while at the same time improving performance and lengthening equipment operating life. Do you have a troublesome for searching high temperature roller bearings for your application? If so, tell us about us about your special requirements and sales engineers will give you our best solution. Or, if you prefer, you may contact us directly. High temperature bearing which most lied on what kind of the material you choose. We can offer you different material, such as Stainless Steel Bearings and full ceramic bearings. Our success is based on a simple plan. Provide our customers a top quality engineered product at a competitive price and back it up with available inventory. Our high temperature roller bearings, such as 304 & 316 stainless steel high temperatures bearing which can handle constant working in high temperature till 350 Centigrade! For example, for those glass cook top manufacturer, cam followers were failing on a conveyor that traveled through an oven at more than 600degrees Fahrenheit (316Centigrade degree). The high temperature grease lubricant being used was inadequate. Maintenance costs were high at $100 per hour. Once Lily high temperature Cam Followers Needle Roller Bearings were installed, the manufacturer realized a savings in maintenance costs of over $20,000 per year Our Silicon nitride bearings (Si3N4) full ceramic bearings can handle constant working in high temperature till 800 Centigrade! At last our Silicon carbide (Sic) full Ceramic Bearings can handle constant working in high temperature till 1300 Centigrade! Such as some Midwestern steel mill was using extreme high temperature for the horizontal rollers in their cooling beds. The bearings were thriving under severe heat and water spray conditions. Because of the success with the horizontal rollers, the mill wanted to consider high temperature Flange Bearings for another application: the vertical guide rollers along the sides of the cooling beds used to keep the hot steel from running off the sides. Guide rollers remain static until a piece of hot steel slams up against them, at which time they are expected to turn instantly to guide the steel back onto the cooling bed. This mill had been using conventional greased rolling element bearings in the vertical guides that were lasting only a few months. Based on the success with the vertical rollers, the mill has since retro-fitted additional lines with us. High temperature needle roller bearings feature a smaller cross-section, higher load-carrying capacity, greater rigidity, and lower inertia forces that facilitate size and weight reductions in machinery. They're designed to withstand oscillation, perform under severe conditions, and interchange with sliding bearings. Diverse types of needle bearings are available in a wide variety of sizes and tolerances, for a multitude of applications.