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Wafangdian Bearing Industry Association Held 1st General Assembly

Release time : 2015-06-11 11:41:58
n September 25, 2009, the 1st General Assembly of Wafangdian Bearing Industry Association, Liaoning Province was held in Wafangdian city. 120 representatives attended the meeting, including Wang Quanqing, Secretary-general of China Bearing Industry Association; Liu Yinghua, Chairperson of Wafangdian Municipal Committee of CPPCC; Wang Delong, Executive Deputy Secretary of Municipal Party Committee; Liu Junbo, Associate Director of Municipal People Congress; Zheng Bin, Vice Mayor of Wafangdian City; Li Shoubin, Vice Chaimanperson of Machinery Industry Association of Dalian City; Wang Lushun, Board Chairman of Wafangdian Bearing Group and board chairmen and general managers from other 93 affiliated organizations as well as officials from various government departments. Lu Zhenghui, on behalf of the organizing council, first made a working report to the assembly. He stated in the report: it is an objective requirement of the socialist market economy to establish a stainless steel bearing industry association in Wafangdian. This is a move to transform government functions and enhance macroeconomic control. It is an important measure to facilitate the industry development in a sound and fast way. The newly established association shall be both innovative and practical in carrying out its functions. The responsibilities of the association include: organize survey and research on laws, regulations and policies concerning bearing industry; introduce successful experience from home and abroad and promote bearing products to customers; provide services of business start-up, information, consultation and management for bearing enterprises; organize enterprises to have trainings of modern corporate management and new technology; gradually integrate the bearing resource by optimizing resource distribution and guiding labor division within the industry; promote price discipline and resist disorderly competition; organize ceramic bearing enterprises to participate into economic and technical exchange and cooperation; organize training and consultation services concerning certificates of international quality standards and international environmental standard systems; establish a platform of information communication and business for bearing enterprises; act for government to honor outstanding entrepreneurs and corporations; help corporations and enterprises safeguard their legitimate interests and rights by providing related legal consultation services. The meeting unanimously passed the Articles of Wafangdian Bearing Industry Association and Regulations on Membership Fee Collection and Application. It also approved the candidate list of 1st council members and selected the candidates for the standing committee of the 1st council. The meeting produces a list of chairperson and vice-chairperson as well as secretary-general. Lu Zhenghui was elected as the chairperson and other 11 members were elected as the vice-chairpersons. Song Mingzhen was elected as the secretary-general. The 1st council unanimously approved Cheng Shiji, Chairperson of the Standing Committee of Wafangdian Municipal People Congress; Liu Yinghua, chairperson of Wafangdian Municipal CPPCC; Zhengbin, Vice-mayor of Wafangdian People Government; Wang Lushun, Board Chairman of Wafangdian Bearing Group as honorary chairpersons of the Wafangdian Bearing Industry Association. Wang Quanqing, Secretary-general of China Bearing Industry Association made an important speech on the meeting. He highly appreciated the significant role of Wafangdian bearing industry in Equipment Manufacturing and expressed his wishes that the Wafangdian Bearing Industry Association would keep an open attitude and attract more affiliated organizations, making contributions to its members. At the end of the meeting, Zheng Bin, Vice-mayor of Wafangdian Municipal Government made an important speech. Wafangdian, as the origin place of the bearing industry in China, leads the industry for the past 71 years and creates many No.1s, making outstanding contributions to the bearing industry and national defense. Following the task deployments of the Jilin Provincial Government and Dalian Municipal Government, we aim to establish a biggest water pump bearing manufacturing base in China with an international reputation. By the end of the 12th Five-Year Plan, the sales revenue of the bearing industry and related industries is expected to exceed RMB 100 billion. The 1st General Assembly of Wafangdian Bearing Industry Association successfully achieved all its scheduled programs.