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Timken Held Press Conference With Topic Of Wind Power Solution In Beijing

Release time : 2015-06-12 09:19:05
On Sept. 10th, the global leading provider of bearings, special steel and industrial technology service, Timken Company has held the Press Conference on Wind Power Solution in Beijing. Mr. Feng Shilong, the President of Timken (China) Company and the Mr. Dragos Oprescu, the manager of Engineering Department, Timken China have shared the technological classics and successful cases of Timken Company in more than one hundred years with the medium; meanwhile, they have shared the leading technological solution in the wind power field. Aiming at the wind power industry, as the continuous increase of the wind power generator scope and the output power, the wind power system has to be capable of carrying larger load. Timken Company is adopting the innovative design and changing the concept of wind power generator design, such as the Timken Flexpin integrated bearing design makes the gear smaller and lighter, which brings the favorable news for wind power gear transmission that is sensitive to weight.In the epicylic gear box design which can embody higher power density and excellent functionality, the requirements of the bearings design is more complicated. Aiming at the epicylic gear transmission application, Timken Company supplied advanced integrated flexible pin bearing kit. The integrated flexible pin flexion pattern can average the load on the epicylic system and end surface of gear, lengthen the bearing service life, improve the bearing functionality and help the designers to reduce the system volume while increasing the system power. In addition, the engineer analyzing system---Syber Advanced Analyzing System developed by the Timken Company independently can find out the best solution for the friction management aiming at each application. The Timken Company has provided the wind power generator users with complete support from the bearing replacement, repairing service to condition monitoring and system lubrication, which greatly improve the functionality and reliability of the equipments.