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Think Nsk Campaign Unveiled

Release time : 2015-06-15 13:25:36
NSK Ltd. has unveiled a new campaign for the company's U.S. operations for Water Pump Bearings. "Think NSK" is part of a branding campaign designed to, "stimulate customers' knowledge and understanding of NSK." Tom Rouse, NSK Corp. President, said; "'Think NSK' is a powerful tagline that incorporates a call to action to which all our customers can connect. The tagline is flexible and allows us to showcase our unique brand attributes and communicates the advantages of choosing NSK Ball Bearings." As a branding launch, the "Think" campaign targets design engineers so they will think to integrate NSK products from the beginning; distributors to think about keeping NSK products in stock and recommending them to customers; and end users to think about asking specifically for NSK RC Bearings from their distributors.