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Thin Section Bearings with an Equal Cross Section Drove Industrial Robots to Run Smoothly

Release time : 2022-10-10 10:29:13    

These years, robots play a key role in industrial fields. They are becoming more and more intelligent. The demand for intelligence poses a big challenge to the performance of robot components. Bearings, which are known as the "joints" of machinery, are no exception. The quality of the bearings can decide if robots can run well. Recently, Lily Bearing helped a client customize a solution of thin section bearings with an equal cross section. The client specializes in the R&D of industrial robots.

industrial robots under work

Those bearings which were previously used in the client's robots did not perform well in terms of the slewing accuracy and the friction torque. This resulted in bad flexibility of the equipment and even caused failure from time to time. Due to this, the client was caught in anxiety and turned to a better solution from Lily Bearing. The client hoped to get a new solution in which different technical parameters or indexes of the bearings would be strictly defined according to the client's needs and the working conditions. These indexes include the slewing accuracy, the running rate, the friction coefficient and so on.

Based on the in-depth analysis of the working conditions, Lily's engineers put forward a custom solution of thin section bearings with an equal cross section. This solution proved to be in accordance with the client's needs for various technical indicators. In this solution, steel balls with tiny outer diameters were put into use as rolling bodies of thin ball bearings with an equal cross section. This aimed to ensure that these thin section bearings can be compact, light-weighted and wear resistant while ensuring the high speed and the good accuracy. The engineers also gave an explanation for this solution, combined with the characters of thin section bearings with an equal cross section. 

Thin Section Bearings

Thin Section Bearings with an Equal Cross Section

The engineer pointed out that the current industrial robots tend to be compact and light-weighted. The tendency of light weight makes a request for the installation space of thin wall bearings. The bearings used must be small in size and light in weight, especially for some precision parts. However, humans place high expectations on the performance of industrial robots. The robots in their eyes should be equipped with a higher load capacity, a higher rotary as well as positioning accuracy, a higher speed, a higher reliability, a higher operation smoothness, a longer life and so on. In order to meet these expectations, thin section bearings used in robots must be able to bear very high loads and must have high stiffness, high precision, high reliability, low friction torque as well as other properties. Thus, industrial robots can be in the smooth operation.

According to engineers, thin section bearings with an equal cross section can not only ensure a high load carrying capacity, but also allow the precise positioning as well as the flexible operation. These thin section bearings with an equal cross section offer both high performance and light weight.

While dealing with technical parameters for thin section bearings with an equal cross section in this solution, engineers adopted a multi-dimensional way. They considered not only the rated dynamic loads, but also the friction torque, the rotary accuracy, the running speeds as well as the other indicators.

Engineers also adopted all kinds of technologies to make the solution effective. These include the high-precision detection technology of dynamic quality for thin section bearings with an equal cross section, the precision control technology of the negative clearance for thin section bearings with an equal cross section, the precision assembly technology for thin section bearings with an equal cross section, the non-contact measurement technology for collars of thin section bearings with an equal cross section, the micro-deformation heat treatment processing technology for collars of thin section bearings with an equal cross section as well as the fine grinding processing technology for collars based on the grinding metamorphic layer control, etc. These technologies proved a success for slim bearings.

Compared to conventional thin section bearings, this solution saved more weight, saved more space and reduced more friction. Meanwhile, the operating accuracy improved a lot. In addition, thin section ball bearings in the new solution can bear both axial and radial loads, which can ensure that clients can reduce the costs of designing and manufacturing without compromising the bearing performance and the bearing life.

thin section bearings

a thin wall ball bearing with an equal cross section

The above solution of thin section bearings with an equal cross section met all the requirements of the client. After a series of tests, the performance of the robots proved stable. In addition, all the technical indicators of the thin wall ball bearings were perfectly matched with the client's expectation, whether the rotation accuracy or the rotation performance, whether the operation speed or the flexibility. All the performance of these thin bearings was affirmed by the client. As the client mentioned in the email, "...... The solution of thin section bearings designed by your company quite fits our equipment. Now our robots are more flexible. They have much higher rotary accuracy and can achieve better positioning. They can also run more smoothly and have a much higher load capacity compared to the previous bearings. In short, they are particularly reliable ...... Many of our clients have given us good feedback ...... We hope to be a long-term partner of your company ......"

With the intelligence and miniaturization of industrial robots, humans have becoming more and more fascinated with the fineness and the stability of robots. In view of this, high-performance thin section bearings with an equal cross section play an increasingly important role. Models such as KA030AR0, KA060XP0, KD140CP0 are especially popular among clients. As a matter of fact, selecting proper thin section bearings for your applications may not be an easy thing, especially when you are faced with stringent technical, reliability as well as economic requirements. In this case, Lilys engineers can provide good solutions suitable for your working conditions. They focus on the quality of products and services. They strictly control each process from the design to the production in order to make thin section bearings with much higher loads, much higher precision and much higher speeds. For more than twenty years, Lily Bearing have been enjoying good reputation in providing thin section bearings. This owes to not only rich experience in the field but also the Customer First philosophy.