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Thin Section Bearing 20160802

Release time : 2016-08-02 15:00:45

Thin section bearing is simply refers to the bearings whose inner and outer ring of bearing wall thickness is very thin, compare with common bearings, their advantage is: small volume and takes up less space, high precision and low noise, its light weight and so on. So they are widely used in electronic information, aeronautics and astronautics, national defense, instruments and meters, artificial intelligence, etc.

Our main thin section bearings are: 61900 series, 61800 series, 61700 series, inch thin section bearing series; it is also divided into the bearing steel and stainless steel on material.

Now let us know about thin section bearing application examples in intelligent stair seats. Aging population is increasing in our country, especially in Shanghai, therefore intelligent stair seat products related to aging were born.

Now everywhere except the elevator building, there are still a lot of old public house, the elderly who live in these old public house feel it inconvenient when they go up and down the stairs, in order to solve the problem of their travel only stairs seat arises at the historic moment.

We have a customer in a smart technology company, they started to develop a smart seat upstairs and need to use two thin section bearings as we talked about. Since the motor in this smart seat is very small, so the volume of the bearing can’t be too large, and finally confirmed as 61904ZZ and 61804ZZ bearings.

Customer’s demand is cost-effective and durable, requirements for the using life of the bearing is at least 5 years. Loading requirements of bearing reached to 200Kg, another requirement for this customer is without bearing grease filling maintenance.

In view of above requirements, we found that bearing using life of steel stage is shorter than nylon stage after sample test, so we advise them to use nylon bearing cage.

In addition, customer requires without greased maintenance, and we recommend them to use thin-section ceramic ball bearings. After comparative tests, we found that ceramic ball bearing is more flexible and rubbing than conventional ball bearings.

Currently, customer’s small quantities of samples have been assembled, and to be installed and used in communities of the whole Country, it is widely honored by users.

Watching the happy smile of the elderly, we are very pleased.