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The Common Fault Of Ball Bearing And Ball Bearing Failure Analysis

Release time : 2015-06-10 12:43:29
4-2012 Do you know how to judge the fault of bearing and then do ball bearing failure analysis? Next we want to tell you. For common bearing fault, analyzed the specific reasons causing trouble from bearing load . According to the fault produce symptoms and regular, adopted a series of advance prevention measures, the effect is obvious. Rolling bearing is an important part of the rotating machinery, in all mechanical department in a wide range of applications. However rolling bearing is one of the most vulnerable parts. Data show that in 70% of rotating machinery fault is caused by the Ball Miniature Bearings in the gear box in all kinds of faults of the bearing fault after gear and account for 19%, motor fault 80% for the performance of the Needle Roller Bearings fault. And rolling bearing failure inevitably leads to mechanical device operation is not normal, even cause disastrous consequences, therefore, do ball bearing failure analysis is very important. When bearing work, each bearing load and its stress is always changing . When rolling body into the bearing area, by load by 0 gradually increased to FN2, FN1 until maximum FN0, then gradually reduced to 0. For rolling body is concerned, its load is not stable. For fixed housing washer, in the bearing the point contact, according to the different location, will be different load, in Fr action at the line by the biggest contact load. For each specific point, whenever a rolling body roll out of date, and withstand a load, its size is the same, namely under stable pulse cycle load role. How to do ball bearing failure analysis? First of all, we can understand common rolling bearing damage symptoms have as follows from the above work process. (1) the load internal and external ring, rolling element (ball and roller, etc.) surface wear and flaking. Cause of rolling bearing radial clearance, axial clearance increases, the rolling bearing in the work making noise and fever, and destroyed and its fit shaft correct working position, appear vibration. In addition, bearing installation is not straight, shaft bending, also can produce raceway peeling phenomenon. Bearing raceway fatigue spalling can reduce shaft running accuracy, make the mechanism occurred vibration and noise. (2) inside and outside the circle with surface wear. Since the bearing internal and external ring and shaft and shell hole assembly without fit well, destroy the bearing and shell, bearing and shaft cooperation relations, to further accelerate the bearing itself and the fit of the shaft or shell with the surface wear. (3) Retainer wear. In the work retainer and rolling body (ball and roller, etc.) mutual friction, if bad lubrication, the speed up the wear . Retainer wear later, rolling body loose, will cause serious spacer fall apart, rolling body fall off. (4) bearing burn. Due to the bad lubrication, or oil is not in conformity with the requirements, and the bearing clearance adjustable too small, bearing work rapid heating, the work surface due to high temperature and annealing. In appearance observation, the work can be found on the surface of the color change. (5) the plastic deformation. Bearing raceway and roller contact surface appear uneven scallops, explain bearing produce plastic deformation. How to do ball bearing failure analysis? The second: bearing common fault detection. Not by removing the check can identify or predict on-stream bearing a trouble-free, this to increase productivity and economical efficiency is very important. Operation of the check project has bearing rolling sound, vibration, temperature of the state, etc., the main identification method is as follows. (1) through the bearing of rolling voice recognition. (2) through the bearing vibration for identification. (3) through the bearing working temperature for identification. To sum up, we can reduce many accidents if we can advance prevention, indirect improves the production efficiency.The method is applicable to the vast majority of conventional bearing, such as High Speed Bearings, Miniature RC Bearings, Deep Groove Ball Bearings and so on.