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The Ceramic Radial Seal Sheet

Release time : 2015-06-10 08:32:41
In 1954 the Germans invented the rotary engine which the internal space is housing (or spin round wire chamber) divided into three studios. During movement of the rotor, the volume of these three studios constantly changes, in the pendulum linear cylinder it has been completed intake, compression, combustion and exhaust four processes. Each process is placed in the different positions of the pendulum linear cylinder, it is clearly different from the reciprocating engine which the above four processes completed in one cylinder, as the picture Shown. This rotary engine is often applied to the automotive and aircraft with its simple structure, small vibration, high power low cost and easily installation. Even so the rotary engine also has deficiencies.It has only one radial sealing sheet (English called 'APEX SEAL') due to the radial seal sheet is always linear contact with the cylinder, and the position constantly change, so the three combustor not completely isolated (sealed), the radial sealing sheet wearing quickly. After a period for the seal material wearing it would caused leakage problems along with the fuel consumption and pollution increased. To solve this problem, the radial seal sheet requires wear and high temperature and corrosion-resistant materials, silicon nitride ceramic material is a good choice after tested. It more convenient and durable compared to the alloy steel radial sealing sheet. Following is design sketch: