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Tapered Roller Bearing Jl6934910 In My Mind

Release time : 2015-06-10 08:19:27
Tapered roller bearing JL69349/10 is single-row, and is separate: outer ring can be separated, inner ring is called JL69349, outer ring is called JL69310. The weight of JL69349/10 of 0.2 kgs, there are 22 rollers in it, inner diameter is 38 cm, 17 cm thickness. There is a certain taper on JL69349/10, it mainly bears axial force and can bears bigger load. It is widely used in vibrating plate, Screw chillers, bonding equipment, steelmaking equipment, steel plate shearer, steel plate shearer, vortex pump, drink shop equipment, plastic-wire drawing machine, cultivating machine, stainless ste, forklift, building materials, rubber cutting machine, knitter, Feeding machine, pneumatic mixer, plate-punching machine, etc.