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Superior Actuator Performance From Skf

Release time : 2015-06-12 09:42:58
RC Bearings Electromechanical applications require superior performance from actuators and actuation systems - a feature that must be exhibited in terms of speed, temperature stability, accuracy and noise levels. SKF provides a complete range of actuation products and systems designed to satisfy even the most demanding requirements in virtually any area of application. The Actuator range includes telescopic pillars, linear and rotary actuators, control units and a defined standard range, to provide complete solutions for diverse applications. SKF maintains a leadership position in the industrial field where activators are extensively used and supports the range with extensive knowledge and experience, gained and developed through long standing cooperation with leading companies in many industrial sectors. SKF highlights a few actuators currently available in the range: CAP The existing CAR linear actuator Ceramic Bearings series forms the base for the CAP positioning actuator range and CAT Modular range that offer a vast number of possibilities i.e. motors, front & rear attachments etc. Positioning accuracy is achieved by means of a built in encoder and long service life is ensured by detecting the position directly on the moving nut, thus keeping movement of internal components to a minimum. CAP actuators are robust, easily installed, reliable and require little or no maintenance and are available in both left and right hand drive versions. CAR The CAR range of industrial Skateboard Bearings type actuators offers a unique standard of performance, durability, and reliability. The compact design incorporates well proven parts including the SKF high efficiency ball screw, a sturdy gearbox assembly, and high quality DC and AC-motors for extensive operational life and best possible levels of performance. The modular design concept of the CAR range allows for the actuators to be easily matched to individual application requirements and robust series is available in a wide component range, in left and right hand versions. Matrix The compact, quiet running Matrix series includes powerful AC and DC-actuators and can be installed at virtually every angle in vertical or horizontal positions. SKF's Matrix series offers long life and is available as a full system with control, operating units and accessories. Magpush The Magpush usually consists of an electric motor with the rotor directly coupled to the treaded spindle. The rotational movement of the spindle is converted into a linear movement by means of a special threaded nut fixed to the hollow push tube - thus providing linear motion. Two integral micro-switches automatically limit the forward and backward movement of the push tube. Magpush is an AC actuator available with forces up to 3 000 N and speeds between 6 and 30 mm/s. Telemag Used wherever robust and safe guiding systems are required, the Telemag line of telescopic pillars features the best combination of minimum retracted length and large stroke length. The Telemag's attractive design allows this guiding system to blend into the overall design of the equipment. The Telemag has a high offset load, operate silently and have a long lifetime. With 60 years of experience and millions of actuators sold, SKF offers extensive knowledge, proven capability in the actuation market and quality in application engineering, for virtually every application requirement across the world.