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Stainless Steel Bearing 20160805

Release time : 2016-08-05 14:59:07

How do stainless steel bearings work in infusion pump and injection pump? Firstly let’s know about the Infusion Pump: it is an automatic infusion device for medical, which uses microcomputer technology to take full control of infusion process. And then take the finger type creeping pump as power source, combined with a variety of sensors to take control of key locations, and then make high -precision infusion. It is suitable for ICU intensive care unit of hospital, operation room and observatory, they can use disposable infusion to take intravenous infusion for patients as well as for clinical uniform continuous infusion of the drug solution. So there is a question, what does the continued operation of the equipment need to work with efficient operation? That’s infusion pump bearings, the common models are 6800ZZ and 695ZZ manufactured by Shanghai Lily-bearing as the picture shows:

This is an internal structure of an infusion pump, we can find the wheel drive which in order to allow smooth flow of infusion. Its rotating has taken the concept of spiral, that means it needs 6 pairs of 6800ZZbearings assembled to rotate in the spindle. That needs high demand on bearings’ precision and noise. After testing hundreds of times for some months, Shanghai Lily-bearing research and develop the relevant equipment in the infusion pump bearings. Let’s know about the relevant bearing sections:

We can see the exposed part of the left side of the top, it is the top-most Lily-bearing 6800ZZ. It is fixed on the top left side of the spindle, it prevents rotation moving and affects the stability, because the stability of the infusion will also affect the flow ability of the drug, the infusion pump is used to determine the rate of infusion and drip infusion according to the amount of human pulse beat frequency. So that company chose to cooperate with Shanghai Lily-bearing because of Lily-bearing’s solid foundation and staffing for quality control and product research. There is also  695ZZ bearing which used in another infusion pump, it is researched for the majority of female reproductive, that product chose 695ZZ of Shanghai Lily-bearing. It has not used widely, but it has small batch production, shortly 695ZZ of Shanghai Lily-bearing will be big succeed. As infusion pumps, the important part of syringe pumps, it will bring gospel for millions of women all over the world.

It is ongoing corrosion testing of stability and related systems, the general cycle is three months. (The special bearing manufactured by Shanghai Lily-bearing is with no rust, and the result is fully qualified.)

Finally, relevant industry is welcome to cooperate with Lily-bearing, our expertise and experience will make both of us succeed.