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Solutions To The Problem Of Bearings Noise

Release time : 2015-06-10 09:18:55
Noise problem is an inevitable phenomenon for every bearing user and every bearing manufacture. But how to avoid similar problems as much as possible?After observation and investigation, I found the following elements caused the matter we can pay attention to: 1. Outer elements Bearing's Improper Cleaning. Strictly deal with the cleaning of bearing's bearing, axle , hole and related accessories before cleaning; be careful there is no foreign body in the lubricant in the mean time; moreover, we should also clean the foreign body on the holder. 1) Scar in Bearing. This is a common question, so take care of the following details in watching out these similar problems: avoid incline, friction damage caused in installing bearings out of place with holes; avoid the scar caused by slam in delivery during handling the rust-proof, seal and fixation of bearing; when installing bearings, please use specified installation tools, avoid the risk of slam. 2) Improper Usage of Lubricant. Using wrong ,smaller quantity, the ageing of lubricant would influence bearing's rotation, so the noise comes out. Therefore, we should choose the appropriate lubricant, add the quantity reasonably as stipulation to solve the noise problem. 2 .The Inner Elements 1) Noise caused between rolling element and rollaway nest. This kind of noise has a period, it is mainly produced by the rolling element impacting the rollaway nest which is led by the waveness on the surface of rollaway nest. The roughness, corrosion , foreign body's infection would all dead to this problem. This time we should care the cleanliess of the rollaway nest. we should do well in the maintenance and lubrication Of the rollaway nest if we want to avoid the similar problems. 2) The noise and the trill. The similar problems are usually caused by improper choice of bearing or holder's breaking; choosing a proper holder is vital, improper holder not only causes noise problem but also influences bearing's duration. Hope this summary can do something for us all, we need to find problems together so that we can solve it better. With the time going, regardless mechanical equipments'use or household industry, noise problem is more and more paid attention to, this has always been watched by bearing manufacturers on the premise of solving quality problem.