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Protection of Good Quality, Solid Oil Bearing Technology to Help Food Machinery Low Temperature Operation

Release time : 2017-12-07 05:34:22
No matter how the season changes, food processing enterprises are always perennial to maintain a low temperature environment. Low temperature is to maintain the freshness of food and delay the deterioration of food period, and now more and more food factory reference to modern production and processing technology, basically out of the manual manual operations, large machinery and equipment have been slowly brought into the plant, which not only Improve production efficiency, but also to avoid the human factors of food safety issues. Mechanical operation is inseparable from bearings, while solid oil bearing technology can withstand extremely cold extreme temperatures and rapid temperature changes in a wide range of food processing applications. This greatly facilitates production efficiency. Solid oil bearing technology can be applied to almost every bearing type with sufficient internal free space. The solid oil consists of a polymer matrix filled with lubricating oil, filling the interior space of the bearing and enclosing the bearing retainer and the rolling element. Since the polymer matrix contains more than 2 to 4 times more lubricating oil than the standard grease-filled bearing, no further lubrication is required, which is particularly advantageous when the bearing is in a difficult-to-reach area. Solid oil bearing technology not only eliminates the need for frequent relubrication, but also minimizes the potential for the entry of potentially damaging contaminants and is resistant to most chemicals without emulsification during harsh flushing. The current solid oil bearing technology is designed to operate reliably in extreme temperature applications from minus 5 degrees Fahrenheit to minus 49 degrees Fahrenheit. In addition to the performance advantages of the solid oil bearing technology mentioned above, they can also withstand high centrifugal forces and do not leak or otherwise pollute the environment during the production process. Solid oil bearing technology also includes extended bearing life, reduce equipment downtime, greatly reducing maintenance costs. And custom solid oil solutions can also be used for high temperature applications.