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Skf Timing Belt Kits Protection Leads To Profits

Release time : 2015-06-12 10:13:20
The automotive industry has responded to global demand for more responsive, more efficient vehicles with efficient overhead cam, multi-valve engines driven by timing belts. "SKF ball bearing introduced the timing belt kit concept to the automotive world just over 10 years ago. By packaging belts, pulleys and tensioners in one box, we offered service stations an easy way to save time and to ensure accurate, quality belt replacements every time," says Marchant Taylor, SKF South Africa's Vehicle Service Market Manager. Taylor continues, "The kit concept has, since then, won wide acceptance throughout Europe, Asia and Africa. More and more service stations are now taking advantage of SKF's broad product range to enhance the performance of their technicians and the profitability of their businesses. SKF continues to lead the way with the cutting edge technologies to meet all requirements form the automotive industry." New belt designs Generic timing belts, manufactured from standard materials with standard tooth profiles, are a thing of the past. New generation belts are vastly improved, providing the increased durability and smoother performance characteristics demanded by modern engines and customers. The earliest timing belts with ceramic bearing had a trapezoidal tooth design. But the need to meet more demanding applications resulted in the development of belts with curvilinear and modified curvilinear profiles. These different tooth profiles are not interchangeable and it is critically important to select the correct belt for every application. High-performance materials Until 1985 neoprene was the standard material for timing belts but currently HSN (highly-saturated nitrile), is the preferred material. All SKF timing belts are manufactured from HSN, as, while there is no difference in appearance between HSN and neoprene belts, the SKF timing belts offer far better performance in the high-temperature engine compartments of today's vehicles. SKF RC bearing Timing Belt Kits are packaged with all necessary components in one box, enabling service centres to be more efficient and assist in promoting a professional image in terms of service quality for increased customer satisfaction and a stronger business.