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Skf Sponsors Winning Formula Student Team

Release time : 2015-06-12 10:16:04
SKF High Speed Bearings has sponsored one of the winning teams at this year's Formula Student competition, which saw over 100 teams of engineers compete with a car they had designed and manufactured. With SKF Miniature Bearings support, the UH Racing team, based at the University of Hertfordshire, left Silverstone with class wins in both the Best Developed Class 1-200 and the new Class 1A alternative fuelled cars, with the Class 1 team coming in 19th in a field of 72 The objective of the race is to design and build a 600cc bike engine powered racing car for GBP15,000, to be sold to hill climb enthusiasts The cars need to be high performance, cost effective and easy to construct and service. The cars are then pitched to an imaginary company for RC Bearings development and manufacture. For the past 10 years, Formula Student has proved itself as an ideal grounding for seeking out the top young engineers leaving university.