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Skf Distributor College Ccertificate Number 40000 To Miss Piao Sirong

Release time : 2015-06-12 11:01:28
Miss Piao Sirong from Tieling Ruisikai Bearings passed the course entitled "Plain bearings" on 16 August 2008, and became the recipient of the 40,000th certificate awarded in SKF Distributor College. SKF Distributor College was started in 2001 and today offers more than 30 online training courses for SKF Authorized Distributors and SKF employees. Its goal is to enable distributors to be better able to support their customers through training in the proper use of SKF products and services, as well as the critical applications in which they will be used. Business and sales courses are also available. The course material is offered in more than ten languages. Each participant who successfully completes a course receives a certificate as proof of this. Miss Sirong received a commemorative certificate during a distributor conference in Qiandao Lake, Zhejiang Province, China on 17 October. Tieling Ruisikai Bearing Co. Ltd. is located in north-east China and became an SKF Authorized Distributor in 2007. Miss Piao Sirong has been working for the company for about six months and uses SKF Distributor College to learn more about SKF products and services. Mr Wang Shaojun, General Manager of Tieling Ruisikai Bearing Co. Ltd., was very happy when hearing the news of his employee receiving the certificate and says: "It feels just like winning a big prize in a lottery". SKF Distributor College supplements local in-person training activities and provides consistent and universal training about SKF products and services.