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Skf Cuts Hydrocarbon Processing Maintenance

Release time : 2015-06-12 11:12:14
The latest operator driven reliability (ODR) solutions from SKF are delivering significant benefits in the hydrocarbon processing industry. One of SKF's clients in the hydrocarbon processing industry has recently reported a 10 per cent reduction in their maintenance costs since implementing an ODR Ceramic Bearings programme In addition, the company's mean time between failures increased from 41.5 to 45 months, while the overall cost of maintaining its pumps was also brought down. The SKF Skateboard Bearings range of operator driven reliability solutions is designed to empower machinery operators so they can play a proactive role in their organisation's maintenance strategy. Using automated instruments and sensors, such as the SKF Marlin handheld computer and Smart Studs, operators can safely perform tasks such as process parameter inspections, while making minor equipment adjustments and general observations of machine performance. The ODR programmes enable process and inspection data to be accurately and consistently recorded, stored, analysed and communicated, allowing remedial action to be taken quickly and effectively. SKF offers a wide range of support services for ODR Needle Roller Bearings programmes. These are backed by teams of experienced application and process engineers, who work with each end user to develop dedicated solutions for each specific application.