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Skf Couplings Enable Stronger Shaft Connections 2

Release time : 2015-06-12 11:15:34
The latest generation of oil-injection shaft couplings from SKF enable stronger, more compact shaft-to-shaft connections to be achieved, according to the company. The OKCX couplings feature 50 per cent higher torque transmission capacity than conventional designs. As the OKCX couplings incorporate SKF's oil-injection system, they are easy and fast to mount. In addition to allowing shaft connections to be achieved without the need for flanges and bolts, this mounting method also enables more secure, safer coupling. The inner sleeve of the SKF coupling is coated with carbides utilising advanced plasma technology. As a result, the OKCX couplings have a friction coefficient of 0.3 rather than the typical 0.14, enabling them to provide considerably stronger, more dependable connections. Their torque transmission capacity eliminates the need for expensive reinforcement sleeves where hollow shafts are used. With no need for sleeves, bolts or flanges, straight and compact shafts can be achieved, allowing machine builders and designers considerably greater freedom. The OKCX couplings are suitable in a range of demanding industries, including marine, power generation, pulp and paper, and steel. Tailor-made couplings can also be specified at dimensions of over 100mm, meeting the specific needs of an application.