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Skf Announces Availability Of Skf Ptitude Decision Support

Release time : 2015-06-12 11:01:25
SKF @ptitude Decision Support automates reliable, efficient and consistent maintenance decision making SKF Reliability Systems announces availability of SKF @ptitude Decision Support, a software program that functions as a knowledge repository to capture the decision process used by an organization's personnel in day-to-day maintenance and operations activities. @ptitude Decision Support (@DS) enables a proactive approach to reliability by identifying faults and symptoms before they result in failure. This enables a consistent maintenance methodology among employees throughout the organization - at the plant or local level or globally. Using decision support assists experienced and new employees to confidently determine: What is the problem at the component level of the asset? How serious is the problem? How certain is the prognosis? What action needs to be taken and in what priority? What are the potential risks to productivity, quality, worker safety and the environment? The system supplies enabling technology to assist staff in making and executing reliability decisions to optimize condition based maintenance. @ptitude Decision Support captures and retains the knowledge of your most seasoned professionals for use by everyone, reducing the learning curve for new employees. @ptitude Decision Support Version 2.3 updates the SKF @ptitude View, and is currently used in multiple industries such as pulp and paper, oil and gas and power generation. The @DS system incorporates today's most advanced technologies to integrate data from multiple sources into an easy-to-use application that enables workers to apply decision-making criteria quickly and uniformly. The new version employs intuitive icons and screens and is compatible with SKF @ptitude Monitoring Suite software. According to Luis Econom, Product Line Manger for SKF @ptitude software, "Asset Knowledge Science (AKS) is a core component of the system solution and is the fundamental concept of how knowledge is stored within @DS. AKS combines process and inspection data, performance parameters, and KPIs and goes beyond traditional models like Failure Modes and Effects Analysis, Fault Tree Analysis, RCM and others. It provides a methodology that embodies a fundamental understanding of the predominant failure modes of equipment, the measurement required to effectively monitor equipment health and the consequences of failure." SKF also offers installation and training on @ptitude Decision Support and a comprehensive range of portable and on-line data collection devices and integrating software. (R) SKF and @ptitude are registered trademarks of the SKF Group.