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Sibi Bearing Developed New Products Expanded Enterprise Scope

Release time : 2015-06-12 11:09:11
Zhejiang Sibi Ball Bearings Co., Ltd has achieved the production value of 15 million yuan in 2009 by developing new product and introducing new processing, which increased 35% based on that in 2008. Entering into the new year, the Company will further expand the enterprise scope and speed up the development based on this. In the beginning of 2009, the operation of Sibi Miniature Bearings has encountered difficulties because of the global financial crisis. The company has actively taken measures to respond and invested 300 million yuan in developing new products including three types of self-aligning roller bearings and UC outer spherical bearings, etc. to improve the product competition. After the new products were launched, the market in Jiangsu, Benxi and Xiaoshan, etc. in the same province was open. The products were also exported to the U. S. through foreign trade company. With the solid base in 2009, the company is confident in the development in a New Year. The company was planning to add three more forging processing production line in the new plant area. After the lines are put on stream, they will increase 14 million sets of High Speed Bearings each year. Meanwhile, in the old plant, they will add a set of heat treatment annealing furnace equipment. The company propels the development by expanding output and improving processing and makes efforts to achieve the annual production value of 20 million yuan.