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Sales Of Xiangming Bearing Company In Sept Reach A New Level

Release time : 2015-06-12 12:32:48
The sales of Xiangming Bearing Company have been increasing for 7 months. In Sept. the company finished the production of 380,000 sets of bearings and achieved the production value of CNY 6.82 million, which created the new record of the company???s sales. Since this year, Xiangming Company has been influenced by the global financial crisis. The sales of the company only started to recover in March. Considering how to grasp the opportunity and develop the company itself, Xiangming Bearing Company actively hunt for the initiative and words power of the Xiangming Bearing products in the home and abroad market through enhancing the inner quality management of products, building up the operational skills and ideological and moral standards of the employees, refining the efficient production, and organizing a series of activities such as ???work competition???. Especially, aiming at the factors of the decrease of products price in the market home and abroad, Xiangming Company were worrying out ways to reduce the manufacturing cost on the premise that it would not influence the product quality. It is understood that the practical price decrease has been up to CNY 1.2 million so far. However, the company took measures to reduce the cost and consumption; therefore, the company can keep healthy and steady developing momentum. Up to September, Xiangming Company has finished the production of 2.92 million sets of bearings, which is 91.93% of the output in the whole year. 71.16% of those bearings were exported. At present, Xiangming Company has achieved 188% of the aiming total profit in the whole year.