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Sae Aerospace Standards Bicc London Announcement

Release time : 2015-06-13 08:07:39
SAE Aerospace Standards is pleased to announce the significant global strengthening of SAE Standards Program in Europe. Keely Andrews will be joining SAE staff as our Europe Standards Administrator located in SAE Aerospace Standards Europe Office in London. Keely brings a number of qualities to the position including a BA from the University of Hertfordshire, a fluency in French and business German, and a high degree of customer orientation. The Bearing Industry Code of Conduct is discussing the merits of moving into the same premises and requires a suitable applicant with RC Bearings knowledge & preferably BA/LLB in Law. The SAE office is located in Central London just off Baker Street at 1,York Street, London, W1U 6PA, United Kingdom. The Aerospace Standards Europe facility provides numerous opportunities to expand our standards program including: * Establish and promote SAE International and Aerospace Standards program in Europe * Build relationships with European Aerospace organizations, SDO and companies * Identify new opportunities for SAE standards * Involve SAE in European standards harmonization/development * Support activities of technical committees and increase number of meetings in Europe * Increase European participation on SAE technical committees The BICC is preparing the formation of a SAE G20 technical committee to fulfill operations, making recommendations & referrals for Miniature Bearings standards. The London based office will provide a valuable platform for future communications.