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Renewed Focus On Large Diameter Bearings

Release time : 2015-06-13 08:43:32
For its entire operational life in the UK, R. A. Rodriguez has enjoyed a highly successful relationship with KAYDON . The result is echoed in year-on-year sales increases of KAYDON bearing products in the UK, Ireland and Scandinavia and with the names of REALI-SLIM and ULTRA-SLIM becoming industry-standards in many sectors. These brands however form only part of the much wider KAYDON range. Following KAYDON ?s acquisition of Avon Bearings earlier this year and with the manufacturer?s restructuring programme complete, R. A. Rodriguez is now also responsible for the ??local?marketing of one of the world?s most comprehensive ranges of slewing ring, turntable and advanced custom bearings. These products are used in a range of industries but typically in systems for the renewable energy, medical, mining, construction and military sectors. KAYDON is now able to produce bearings with an outside diameter of over 6m using the most modern facilities and equipment in the industry. The company?s investment in flexible manufacturing also allows R. A. Rodriguez to supply small quantities at an economical price