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Referring To Following Instructions For Cleaning Skateboard Bearings

Release time : 2015-06-10 12:55:50
By Bearing Manufacturer>Bearing News>Referring to Following Instructions for Cleaning Skateboard Bearings ?2004-2012 Skate bearings generally last a long time and require little cleaning of skateboard bearings. If you ride them in the rain or through some puddles then it might be a good idea afterwards to clean them and regrease just to stop them rusting too fast. Surly following instructions would be suitable for Full Ceramic Bearings not only chrome steel bearings. The first step of cleaning skateboard bearings, gently remove the non-contact rubber shield with a push pin or the edge of a small knife by prying the shield upwards from under the shield at the inner race. It should pop up and out quite easily, so handle them gently and don't bend them or cut the seal. Make sure the shields are completely clean and dry before re-installing. The second step of cleaning skateboard bearings and your ball retainers: Wear suitable rubber gloves and eye protection. Gently agitate the jar making the solution flush through the bearing. Keep replacing the dirty solution with clean solution until the solution no longer changes color and you are satisfied with the smoothness of the bearing roll. The third step of cleaning skateboard bearings, dry your bearings: Remove the bearings and the ball retainers from the cleaning solution and dry immediately, totally dry without water or any solution. The forth step of cleaning skateboard bearings, Reinstall your cages: If you have removed the ball retainers, use the paper clip to spread the balls out evenly and then insert the ball retainer so that each ball is over a ball seat. Then, gently snap the ball retainers back into place. Once you have all the retainers installed back into your bearings, check each bearing to be sure it spins freely. If not, repeat your cleaning cycle or replace the bearing. This step would fit with any other Deep Groove Ball Bearings cleaning. The fifth step of cleaning skateboard bearings, Lubricate your bearings: Do not be tempted to use your bearings without any lubricant because they "spin faster without lubricant". Although this is partly true in a superficial way, riding your bearings without lubricant will cause them to fail quickly and may cause them to "freeze up", which is NOT something you want to happen to you when you are skating! The sixth step of cleaning skateboard bearings, Reinstall your clean rubber shields: Place each one flat on the "open side"of a clean Stainless Steel Bearings where the balls are visible. Then press the rubber shields gently into place using your thumb and a rolling action. Spin each bearing for a couple of revolutions in your fingers to distribute the lubrication throughout the inner workings of the bearing.