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Rational Choice Is More Important Though The Quality Of Import Bearings Is Good

Release time : 2015-06-10 09:26:42
Many customers get in the waves of import when buying bearings, fashionable looking and expensive clothes of import is certainly attract customers' eyes , but the price is too high. Actually , homemade bearings are absolutely suited, imported bearings are necessary if the requirement is high , it is the most needful that buying suited bearings rationally . The imported bearings are checked strictly in projects of measurement , precision , clearance, etc . If we talk about the shortage , the market price is too high . Recently , my customers are tangling the price of imported bearings , my quotation is very low , because his demand is high and our LILY IS always small profits but quick turnover . But other quotations our customers got are several times higher or lower . Firstly our lower price bearings compete with the homemade ones , homemade high imitation products are only second to homemade ones , those high price is ripping off others . Experienced buyers at least realize the range of price for the goods quality . However , the first-time buyers would get puzzled , it is the time to think about the contrast price rationally. The duration of imported bearings is longer due to the high demand of choosing material . The material of imported is usually better than homemade ones , the art of heat treating is also better than homemade ones , and the art of product and assemble is more reasonable than homemade ones ,too . So imported bearings are better than homemade ones in color , noise level , Package ,etc . At the same time we choose bearings , in case of unnecessary loss ,be careful to distinguish true or false . Specially , we can choose to buy samples first , then see and test the color ,noise,package,quality . So far , our Chinese bearing industry scale is the third in the world ,but there is one point gap with the world's advanced level. But to the time of usage , imported ones' is longer than homemade ones'. But when the demand of our country's common in measure of precision is not high, our country's bearings absolutely meet the standard and can take place of the imported ones , LILY is devoting itself to mini bearings for more than 10 years , and our products can meet very high demand. At the same time producing products , we agent foreign bearings of international brand :NSK,SKF,FAG,etc. We only make stable products and the fake replicas are strictly attacked. Rational choice is more important though the quality of imported bearings is good.