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Quality Certificate Validity Renewal Zkl Roll S R O

Release time : 2015-06-13 09:57:14
In the days of July 26 and July 31 to August 2, 2008 the amplifying audit by which the affiliated company ZKL-ROLL. s.r.o. with its production point in Klasterec nad Ohri was embodied in the sphere of matrix certification of ZKL, a.s. took its successful course. The audit was performed by auditors of certification body T¨¹V S¨¹D Slovakia, s.r.o. in conformity with stipulations of CSN/STN EN ISO 9001:2001 standard. All processes were audited on the basis of process analyses used by the organization for process analysis, control and monitoring. A random inspection of described processes took place in conformity with audit plan and certification matrix plan and was fully adhered to. A part of the audit was also examination of documents and records administration in connection with processes and quality management system including electronic data and files. During the audit it was ascertained that the company ZKL-ROLL. s.r.o. keeps at dis-posal a functional system of quality management which is used and observed by all its employees. All the requirements defined by CSN/STN EN ISO 9001:2001 standard are being fulfilled. The auditors came to the following positive findings: * Documents and records administration in respect of quality established on server ac-cessible by all users; * Very good descriptions of processes and process access to system management; * Very good company strategy in respect of further development and experiences in deliveries for automotive industry sector; Very good support of management * Excellent activity of quality manager; * Good company visualization and promotion in production sections; * Cohesion of report on management review with computer database of documenta-tion and analyses; * Very good activity of personnel department and care in employees health, personal protective means and labor safety and health care; * Very good solutions of problems and repetitive problems; * Very good order and organization of tools and gauges in tool cribs. * Very well organized process of hardening in controlled atmosphere. At the same time the auditors specified their recommendations of ameliorations in processes "System planning and revision" and "Documentation administration". Good result was obtained and appraised by auditors of certifying company with pronouncement to renew the certificate. The company management thanks all its employees for efforts in attaining good results, for conscious application of processes and quality system re-quirements in daily routine on workplaces and wishes to permanently adhere to the published quality management principles in all activities.