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President Of The National Assembly Of France Visits Ntn Pic

Release time : 2015-06-13 10:32:29
NTN Corporation (NTN) received a visit from Mr. Bernard Accoyer, the President of the National Assembly of France, on September 3, 2008. The following is a summary of Mr. Accoyer's visit. The visit was made after Mr. Accoyer and his party attended the G8 Speakers' Meeting in Hiroshima, which was held on August 2. They visited NTN's facilities in the Kuwana area of Mie prefecture, including the Kuwana R & D Center, Kuwana Works and NTN Mie Corp. The R & D Center showed exhibits and explained about NTN products expected to be in brisk demand, including those used for wind power generation, rolling stock, construction machinery (resource development and mining machinery), aircraft and automobiles. Particular emphasis was placed on the automotive products which were jointly developed with SNR (a leading bearing manufacturer in France of which NTN owns 51 %) and on the research and development facilities with its advanced testing devices and equipment. Kuwana Works, the mother plant of NTN's industrial machinery bearings, showed the heat-treating and manufacturing processes of ultra large bearings, which are used in wind power turbines. At NTN Mie, the model plant of NTN's bearing production, the party observed carefully various activities which support NTN's manufacturing capability and innovation as well as manufacturing processes that utilize the latest production technology. Mr. Suzuki, the chairman and CEO of NTN, invited Mr. Accoyer's party to Rokkaen, where the party enjoyed traditional art and culture such as the Japanese tea-ceremony and origami (art of paper folding). < http://www.bearing.com.cn/direc/myimg/081007.ab.gif During Mr. Accoyer's visit, discussion and opinion were exchanged on a wide range of topics covering global market development, revitalization of industry and the economy through collaboration between Japan and France, and strengthening energy-creating partnerships such as NTN's venture with SNR. Regarding synergies with SNR, discussion centered on 1) collaboration in the industrial machinery sector (capital expenditures to the industrial machinery sector in France and partnerships with NTN's manufacturing bases at Kuwana and Mie), 2) sales increase in Europe and other markets where growth is expected, and 3) promotion of technical integration and partnerships in research and development(*). (*) ???Wind power generation: Expanding business in the global market of wind power generation bearings, where increased demand is expected. Rolling stock: Creating synergies for better performance by collaboration between NTN, a leading supplier to Japanese bullet trains with no quality troubles since 1964, and SNR, a leading supplier of the product to the French TGV/AGV. Aircraft: NTN built the first exclusive plant for air craft bearings in Japan in Kuwana. NTN supplies products for jumbo jet engines and Japan's H2A rocket. NTN will further strengthen the partnership with SNR with these product technologies Automobile: By blending SNR's outstanding magnetic sensor technology with NTN's Monozukuri (manufacturing) technology, NTN will go a step ahead in energy conservation, environmental preservation, safety, etc. (News release in August 2007: ???Hub Bearings with High Resolution Rotational Sensors???) Mr. Accoyer expressed his strong expectations in regard to strengthening of partnership between NTN and SNR, headquartered at his home town, Annecy. He also mentioned the importance of collaboration between Japan and France for both to grow globally by complementing each other with their respective strengths. Mr. Accoyer said that he realized that there is a similarity in expressing delicacy in the history, culture, tradition, and language of both countries. He also said that NTN's sensitivity toward Monozukuri is very impressive. Mr. Accoyer emphasized the importance of exchanging personnel, and fostering partnership and collaboration toward cluster-based innovation such as the advanced materials in Mie prefecture and mechatronics products of his home town. [Schedule] 14:00~ Mr. Accoyer's party arrival (NTN R&D Center in Kuwana) 14:10~ Presentation of NTN business outline 14:50~ Product explanation and tour at R&D Center 15:20~ Plant tour at Kuwana Works 16:00~ Plant tour at NTN Mie Corp. 17:10~ Visit to Rokkaen (Historic mansion of Moroto) (The mansion was built in 1913 and is designated as an Important National Cultural Asset, rare in the world in view of blending Japanese and Western architectures) ( )