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Powerful Force Appears Again In Wind Power Equipment Field

Release time : 2015-06-13 10:41:21
Wind Power Speeder of Taiyuan Heavy Machinery Group Enters the Period of Batch Production The frequent release of the positive signal of national new energy has sharpened the competition in wind power equipment field. In the wind power equipment manufacturing industry which is like the situation in the Spring and Autumn period Warring States Period, recently, Taiyuan Heavy Machinery Group Co.,Ltd. appears(Taizhong Group for short). After several years preparation, finally Taizhong Group has made a substantial step to the wind power field. This step started from the wind power speeder gear box in which High Speed Bearings would needed. At present, the wind power speeder of Taizhong Group entered the period of batch production, and signed contracts on 1.5MW speeder with Hanwei Wind Power Generating Equipments Co., Ltd. and Fengdian Energy Technology Co., Ltd. recently; it formed the manufacturing capacity of more than 500 speeders each year. In the whole wind power equipment manufacturing industry, as one of the 50 largest industrial enterprises in the China Mechanical Industry, Taizhong Group has solid strength. As for Taizhong Group itself, setting foot in wind power field relates to the development direction of the new adjustment of product structure. Wind Power is an industry of high technology and has high risk. Taizhong Group was always cautious. We have started to research and reason since 2005.Guo Aigui, the Vice Manger of the Gear Transmission Branch of Taizhong Group told the reporter. In 2008, the accumulated amount of the wind power equipments installed in China broke through the record of 13million k.w. The large demand in the wind power market is obvious. In addition, according to the analysis from some people in the industry, the supply of the wind power equipment components such as vane, gear box, large size ball bearings and electric control, etc. which requires high wind power technology and reliability can not meet the market requirements, so there is still large potential market. Gui Aigui said, Taizhong Group chose the wind power speeder gear box as the breakthrough of entering the wind power field because Taizhong Group has more than 50 years experience in designing and manufacturing the non-standard gear box for metallurgy industry. Many products they designed are similar as the wind power speeder gear box.. Follow the tradition of Introduce-Absorb-Innovate in Taizhong Group, the research and development of wind power speeder has also experienced this procedure. Through introducing the designing and manufacturing technology of 5MW wind power speeder of the RENK company of German MAN Group and communicating with the famous companies in and abroad and exchanging with the domestic important universities, Taizhong Group has the ability on develop various wind power gear box independently. The reporter understood, in January, 2009, Taizhong Group ahs designed and manufactured 1.5MW wind power speeder has successfully been in use. Besides, the excellent manufacturing experience and the advantage of technology, Taozhong Group wind power speeder plant which was just finished recently gathers the internal gear grinding machine of international level, Lathe Machining Center, etc., which can guarantee the quality system from raw material to heat treat. Similar as the Water Pump Bearings for automobile industry, wind power industry also has strong capacity in driving the industry chain. Some in industry said as the large size backbone enterprise of the country, Taizhong Group will not stop on the basic components of wind power equipment; they will surely step to the whole wind power generator.