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Optimise Performance Of Heavy Vehicles With All In One Skf Centralised Lubrication System

Release time : 2015-06-15 07:52:52
SKF, the leading knowledge engineering company, has launched a compact centralised lubrication system specifically for use on heavy vehicles. The Safematic Multilube is a modular solution that is easy to install and use, enabling the performance of heavy vehicle applications to be optimised, even in extremely harsh conditions, maximising productivity levels for end users. The durable Multilube system prevents Miniature Bearing failures and improves vehicle uptime considerably by ensuring that the right amount of lubricant is administered where and when it is needed. By automatically dispensing only what is required, the solution is able to reduce lubricant consumption, and therefore costs, significantly. All the necessary components and functions are integrated into the modular pumping unit, including control unit, pump, reservoir, directional valve, pressure monitoring, and built in heating, which enables operation in ambient temperatures of between -30 and 70oC. This compact, modular design makes implementation simple and fast, with horizontal or vertical installation possible to meet the requirements of any application. The Multilube system can be controlled from a user interface installed in the vehicle cabin, making it simple and convenient to use, with operators able to set lubrication cycles and maximum pressurisation times, administer extra lubricant, and acknowledge alarms. The system can also be monitored and adjusted using the user interface IF-103 that is integrated in the pumping centre. The centralised lubrication system is available in either a Heavy, single line configuration for heavy truck and ancillary equipment, earth moving machinery, forwarders, harvesters, materials handling, and property service machines, or a Twinheavy, dual line system for particularly demanding applications.