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Only One Bid For Temerin Fkl Opened

Release time : 2015-06-15 07:59:05
The Serbian Privatisation Agency stated that the commission in charge of the public tender for the sale of 70% of socially owned capital of the factory of Miniature Bearings and cardan shafts FKL from Temerin held its session yesterday. The statement specifies that the sole bidder, a consortium comprising Tehnika Servis from Voronjez, Russia and Dragan Rodic, submitted additional documentation which however has once again been declared incomplete and cannot be taken into consideration. The bidder will be able to hand over additional documentation by December 30 at 4 pm. The commission decided to open the bid, whose main elements include the price of1 million, an investment programme for the next five years worth1 million and the acceptance of the minimum obligations from the welfare programme.