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Ninxia Sanyi Junma Motor Company Enters Wind Power Equipment Component Field

Release time : 2015-06-15 07:20:29
Recently, Ningxia mandatory plan-the Project of Developing High Speed Double Fed Wind Power Generator of 1.5 Megawattcarried out by Ningxia Sanyi Junma Motor Manufacturing Co., Ltd. has been accepted, which indicated that Ningxia has entered the key component of wind power equipment manufacturing field after it finished the localization development of wind power assembly components such as wind power generator yaw speed reducer, wind power bearings, cabin cantilever beam and tower, etc. The project and carried out the development, aiming at the key component of 1.5 megawatt wind power equipment-high speed double fed wind power generator and developed the electromagnetic design software of wind power generator, designed the air cooler of wind power generator of high reliability, developed the over voltage protection system of stators and rotors, achieved the online temperature monitoring of winding series and bearings; the sample generator it developed has passed the strict technical detecting and practical operating test. The high speed double fed wind power generator has innovated in rotor exciting winding structure, rotor roasting and welding process, bearing sleeve insulating technology and design of rotor duct structure, etc. The product is of low weight and low libration. The technological indexes of efficiency, power factor and increase of temperature, etc. have reached the domestic advanced level. The technological parameter is close to that of the similar product abroad. The successful development of this product will further boost the localization of Ningxia wind power equipment manufacturing, improve the assembly capacity for wind power equipment in this area and establish a solid base for the rapid development of wind power in Ningxia.